• About Chocli®

    We make jewelry as if we would wear it ourselves. (which we actually do)

  • What do you mean, Chocli®?

    Well, our necklaces are plated with 18k real gold so they do not cause allergic reactions or don't fade in color.

  • Great job! Tell us more...

    To ensure that the necklaces fit everyone, we have made sure that the length is adjustable in 5 different positions.

  • Take extra care for your piece of Chocli®

    Read the maintanance tips to keep your Chocli bright & shiny!


  • The size of the necklace is adjustable per 2 cm by the extension part at the end of every CHOCLI® necklace

    41 - 43 - 45 - 47 - 48 cm

    Exception: Little Bosses Collection

    36 - 38 - 40 - 42 - 43 cm

  • A commercial balance betweenvisibility & luxury. 

    The layout & structure of the Chocli®-box is a combination of a high-end jewelry gift box & a colorful sleeve with detailed information.

  • The sleeve

    The sleeve is designed to get immediate attention & give a clear overview on the pendant’s 3D design and all other necessary features.

  • The box

    For each Chocli® jewelry is an all-white matt heavy paper box with gold foil logo on the front. An outstanding gift-box to give to yourself or your loved ones.